The Innovative Leader in Engineering

The building industry faces difficult challenges moving forward in today’s economy. These challenges include stricter energy codes, higher material cost, skilled labor shortages, and lower profit margins. Fortunately, Apex Technology is positioned to navigate these conditions with our innovative team and efficient tools. BIM technology, advanced testing and analysis, lean practices and advancements in communication are just a few that impact our efficiency. We believe that success is created for our customers via collaborative and innovative environments with partners who share the same vision, passion and work ethic as the Apex team.

Experience Counts

Serving the design and construction industry for nearly 20 years, Apex understands the level of service required to make our clients successful and for projects to be correctly completed.

Budget Friendly

Not all clients are the same. Understanding where the client places value is square one. Knowing this, we can easily tailor the structural program to your exact needs.

Professional Staff

Our service is only as good as the employees that provide it.  We provide a positive, dynamic workplace that provides challenging projects for team members.

Information Driven

Staying ahead of the curve is important to our clients. Industry involvement, building department relationships and an active role in code development ensure that our services take advantage of the most recent, accurate data.